Seamlessly manage your procurement process

Procurelist helps your team work faster and keeps them synchronized.

Optimized for
organization's growth.

  • Manage multiple
    subsidiaries and warehouses.
  • Invite users
    to manage different roles.
  • Keep track
    of every expenses.

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Robust processes with
specially curated workflows.

We keep adding and updating workflows to make the process easier for the current as well as keeping in mind with the future needs.

Raise requests for the items and services that your organization needs.

Manage request approvals so that only the correct requests go forward.

Invite vendors for centralized workflow.

Compare quotations from multiple vendors.

Seal the bids for additional security.

Distribute order items among your vendors.

Get notified of the shippment by your vendors.

Note shipped items to your warehouse.

Record payment transactions against your invoices.

Initiate rate contracts to simplify your future orders.

Manage stocks in your warehouse.

Get notified when your stock needs reordering.

Control users with different access levels.

Need something specific?
Opt for on-demand customizations.

Transform your processes,

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