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Make your purchasing operations better with approvals, quotations, orders, goods receipts, invoices, inventories and budgets. Work in-sync with your team members and vendors to get the best out of it.

Ready to transform your purchase operation?

Increase your productivity,
and reduce your paper-based carbon footprint.

Improve your operations by gaining visibility. No more surprising delays— stay informed every minute. All by being green.


  • Data inaccuracies due to poorly maintained/ disorganized data.
  • Poor communication due to unclear or delayed operations.
  • Inconsistent process due to real life haphazardness.


  • Increased data accuracy due to centralized system.
  • Effective communication due to enhanced visibility.
  • Streamlined process due to timed proceses and real time updates.

Transform your procurement
activities— significantly

Invite team members, onboard vendors and request for quote with ease— no more hassles with back-and-forth email conversations.

Same purchasing, but now with greater controls

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PO Managing

All your PRs and POs in a single place with auto RFQ rankings

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Budget Planning

Track all your expenses and control spendings

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Inventory Ordering

Manage all your inventory stocks/items from the same place

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Regular Plans

  • Purchase requests
  • Quotations requests
  • Quotation comparisons
  • Purchase orders
  • Multi - level approvals
  • Receipts
  • Pre - filled invoices
  • Rate contracts
  • Email notifications
  • Inventory stock issuing, adjusting and transferring
  • Inventory orders
  • Stock reorder notifications
  • Budget controls
  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple offices / warehouses
  • Multiple projects
  • Roles assignment
  • Supplier onboarding
  • Supplier questionnaires
  • Master data such as brands, items, catalogs, etc
  • Updates to the features in this plan
  • And more on the way



per 2 users / month

For organizations upto 2 branches or offices

Plan is valid until total user is less than 7 users

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per 7 users / month

For organizations upto 7 branches or offices

Plan is valid until total user is less than 20 users

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per 20 users / month

For organizations upto 20 branches or offices

Plan is valid when total user reaches 20 users

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This application is built on cloud to provide you accessibility and availability from anywhere, while also being friendly to your budget.

This site uses AWS cloud services in its infrastructure. The network channels are encrypted with secure socket layer— no one can eavesdrop on your communications.

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