Transform your organization's procurement process.

Keeps your procurement process optimized, teams coordinated, spendings checked, and managers updated from your desk or on the go.

Manage procurement process
Easy vendor collaboration
Coordinated team
Spendings checked
Managers in-the-loop

Save time, and money, with the right arsenal.

You probably are still used to the good-old excel and paperwork. But with time things change, and they change for good. Our solution can make existing processes better and reduce waiting time on updates.

When you will have more control and visibility of your procurement process you can minutely see, control and save every bit of your penny.

This is what you can expect:


  • Data inaccuracies for suppliers, orders, payments due to disorganized data.
  • Poor communication between procurement and accounts payable due to unclear or delayed operations.
  • Inconsistent process throughout organization mostly due to real life haphazardness.


  • Increased data accuracy due to centralized system.
  • Effective communication between stakeholders due to enhanced visibility.
  • Streamlined process throughout the organization due to real time updates.

All you need in one place.

The key sectors you will be able to manage with our solution.

purchase request icon

RFx Managing

All your PR's and PO's in a single place with auto RFQ rankings

budget icon

Budget Planning

Tracks all your expenses and notifies you when you reach the threshold

vendor icon

Vendor Onboarding

Easy onboarding and managing vendors from a single place

approval icon

Approval workflow

Set up approvals where you it's needed to more control

users icon

User Controls

Control who much information you want to share with whom

inventory icon

Inventory Keeping

Manage all your stocks/items from the same plcae

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Purchasing, but with greater controls!

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Your Organization

Your partner in implementing new and efficient ways of doing things.

We provide a customizable solution catering to your specific needs which is both effective to your organization and friendly to your budget.

Our choice in selecting best methodologies is as similar and important as our interest in helping and partnering up with you.

We are on 99.99% uptime with our AWS cloud architecture. Timely back-up keeps your data safe in case of any hazard. Our network channels are encrypted with secure socket layer. No can eavesdrop on your communication.

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