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The smart solution that keeps your purchasing organized to make your organization more productive.

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Procurelist 101

A cloud-based procurement management solution, which caters to significant growing to top organizations by transforming their manual procurement process to a digital one.


  • Data inaccuracies for suppliers, orders, payments.
  • Poor communication between procurement and accounts payable.
  • Inconsistent process throughout organization.


  • Increased data accuracy due to centralized system.
  • Effective communication between stakeholders due to enhanced visibility.
  • Streamlined process throughout the organization.

Purchasing, but with greater controls!

Switch to Procurelist for better control over purchases and far less paper!

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Why now is the correct time to digitize your process!

From the last year

People and organizations are finding ways to keep up with the new situation that we are currently facing. Going digital not only helps us in combating the current situation but increases the productivity of the workflow, maintaining clear visibility and order.


Transforming your organization

Changes that'll bring efficieny to your organization.

Enhanced visibility and order

Streamlining the process throughout your organization.

Better team workflow

Letting your team work seamlessly with vendors by providing better order and control.

Make better decisions

Making better decisions with increased visibility to organization's activities and spending.

Greater security

Assigning layers of security so that only the authorized users are accessing what's required.

Discover key features

Check how Procurelist makes an excellent fit for your organization.

purchase request icon

Purchase Requests

Raise request of purchases from your need list

quotation request icon

Quotation Requests

Ask for prices against your required needs

purchase order icon

Purchase Orders

Issue generated orders for your needs

goods receive note


Keep track of receipts of goods and services

invoice icon

Invoice Management

Manage your invoices generated from procurement transactions

vendor icon

Vendor Management

Onboard and manage vendors for a quicker workflow

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Approval Workflow

Set up approvals in processes like order requests

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User Management

Give access to users across your organisation to accomplish different roles

inventory icon

Inventory Management

Manage all your stocks in one place

Your Organization

Digitizing your procurement process

We provide a customizable solution catering to your specific needs which is both effective to your organization and friendly to your budget.

Our choice in selecting best methodologies is as similar and important as our interest in helping and partnering up with you.

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